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【语法结构】“是A,而不是B”的六种常用表达法 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog
【语法结构】       表示 “是A,而不是B”、“与其说是B,
                               还不说是A” 的六种常用表达法


英语中表示 “是A,而不是B”、“不是A,而是B”、“与其说是B,还不如说是

A” 用的有六种表达法:


●  A rather than B       肯定A否定B。

     1)For the most part Americans think that there is some advantage in attending 

          one of the better  known private institutions, in spite of higher cost, rather 

          than state university.      



    2)Nowadays, people doing purchases by check or charge account or credit card, 

         rather than carrying too much money in the pocket or purses.        

         如今人们用支票、信用卡帐户或信用卡做生意, 而不是口袋或钱包装太多的钱。

    3)A business letter should be written in a formal style rather than in a personal  one.         


    4)She spoke in grief rather than in anger.   


    5)This pair of shoes is comfortable rather than pretty.  


    6)He is liable to make decisions on the basis of his personal likes and dislikes rather 

         than whatis best for the organization.     



 ●  A instead of B      肯定 A 否定 B。

    1)There has been a tendency for industry to be located in a single region, instead

         of being dispersed evenly over the whole country. 


    2) Instead of looking at human behavior as shaped by culture, sociobiology stresses 

          natural selection as responsible for human’s particular biotical characteristics. 


    3)You must make the decision on your own instead of our making it for you.  


    4)The family hoped they would be able to settle the charges out of court instead of

          having to  be dragged into lengthy legal procedures.  



●  more A than B       肯定 A 否定 B。

    1) In his eye, Peter is more a businessman than his elder brother.      


    2)The so-called division between the pure scientist and the applied scientist is more 

          apparent than real.      


    3)The child was more frightened than hurt.   


    4)Most people in modern societies are more familiar with journalistic interviewing 

         than with any other form of interviewing.     

         现代社会大多数人更熟悉的是新闻采访,而不是其他形式采访。   (此句也可译成:现



●  not so much B as A     否定B肯定A。    

     1)The convenience that Americans desire reflect not so much a leisurely lifestyle 

          as a busy lifestyle in which minutes of time are too valuable to be wasted.       



    2)The problem is not so much the excess of protein in the diet as the large amount 

         of saturated fats and cholesterol accompanying it.       


    3)The great use of a school education is not so much to teach you knowledge as to

          teach you the art of learning.   

          学校教育的最大优点,与其说是教你知识, 还不如说是教你学习的方法。

    4)One’s greatness lies not so much in his wealth as in his character.       


    5) It is not so much the cold as the rain which makes the climate unpleasant.       



    在这一句型中,如果连接的 B 和 A部分较长,as 有时可改用but,通常 but 


    1)Yet the present development is wholly different, not so much because of different

          people, but  because of the different thoughts in them.      



    2)Whether their effortsw can be more effective than those of the traditional 

         politicain may not so  much depend on the present-day working scientists, but

         on the scientists now being trained  — you.  


        是取决于正在受训的科学家 —— 你们。


  A, not B      肯定A否定B。

     1)The solution is to find a different system of inner-cith transportation, not a less 

          dangerous fuel.       



    2) We shall judge you by your actions, not by your promises.       


    3)We honour him for what he is, not for what he has.   


    4) It is their good quality,not their low price but which sells our goods.   



●  not B, but A       否定 B肯定 A。

     1)He took out of the envelope not a letter but a bill.      

          他从信封里取出的不是一封信,而是 张账单。

     2)But to my mind the most difficult thing to cope with is not the could, but the lack

          of daylight. 


    3)His failure in business was due not to misfortune, but to his own faults.      


    4)Our chief source of terror was not the beating but the wild hysteria that had 

         seized many of thegruards.   


   5)Through all this, it is not the triumph but the struggle that bring about the

        complete personal satisfaction in knowing that you as a scientist have given 

        your all.      



    在这一句型中,如果A和B部分是that-clause, 则衍生出另一句:Not that …,

    but that …,  是 It is not that …….., but that …….的省略形式。


    1)Not that I dislike the work, but that I am not equal to it.      


    2)Not that he won’t do it, but that he doesn’t know how to do it.   


    3)Not that the results of the expoeriment are not reliable, but that much remains 

         to be perfected.       


                           “是A,而不是B”的六种常用表达法 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog


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