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【英语词组】at hand、on hand、in hand 用法辩析  

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【英语词组】at hand、on hand、in hand 用法辩析 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog
 【英语词组】          at hand、on hand、in hand  






at hand   有二个基本用法: ① “在手边”、“在附近”;② “即将到来”。常用 

     close、near、ready 前置修饰之。


  在手边”、“在附近”,侧重强调就在手边、近处,随时可用之,含 have 

     something easy to  reach,which can be used if needed 的意思。在句中



1)Whenever I want to write something, I always have a dictionary (close) at hand.


2)When he goes out on business, he likes to have his secretary (ready) at hand.


3)I want you to be at hand during my interview with the journalists.


4)The judge would not admit the testimony, ruling that it was extrinsic to the 

     matter at hand.


5)The students reside in various boarding-houses near at hand.


6)They built a small hut by using the materials close at hand.



即将来临”、“在眼前”,在句中一般用作连系动词 be 的表语。


1)The athletes are busy training, for the school sports meeting is (near) at hand.


2)Although the end of the term was (close) at hand, Jenny had not completed all 

     of the projects he had hoped to finish.


3)As the storm is close at hand, many ships began to sail back to the port.


4)Realizing that his retirement was near at hand, he looked for some additional 



                【英语词组】at hand、on hand、in hand 用法辩析 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog


on hand  有三种基本用法:① “在手头”、“在手边”;② “即将来临”、

“在眼前”; ③“在场”、“到场”。


在手头”、“在手边”,侧重强调手头“现有的”或“已备的”, 随时可用之。

      含 something is already available to you or in stock and able to be used if 

      needed 意思。


1) I always like to keep a certain amount of money on hand.


 2)The shop has a large stock of the new types of mobile phones on hand.


 3)Berkshire always keeps at least $20 billion cash on hand for unforeseen events 

      or investment opportunities.


 4)He has too much work on hand to go picnicking with us.


 5)We have nobody on hand to repair your car.


 6)We will have some experts on hand to give you any help you need at all times.



 “即将来临”、“在眼前”, 含义与at hand有些贴近,但用法不同,at hand 

    常同连系动词 be 的一般式连用,而 on hand 则需用于将来时态。


1) Soon school will end and summer vacation will be on hand.


2)Recent economic performance suggests that a major crisis will be on hand.


3)They felt that the total destruction of the scheme would be on hand.



● 在场”、“到场”。


1)Worldwide English broadcasters were on hand to describe the event as it 



2)More than 100 police and 120 civil protection volunteers were on hand in case of 



3)Blake's secretary is always on hand when he appears in public.


4)Be sure to be on hand early at the party so that you can make the acquiantance 

     with other guests.


5)He had sweated over every innovation ever made there, and had always been on 

      hand at the most critical times.


                  【英语词组】at hand、on hand、in hand 用法辩析 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog



in hand    侧重强调手中掌控的的物或事,随时可用,随时可做(in one's 

     possession ; ready to be used or done), 也可表示手头正在进行的事。所

    以 in hand 除了表示“在手头”、“在手边” 的意思外,还可表示 “控制中” 

    或 “在进行中”。


● 在手头”、“在手边”。

1)After I paid the bill, I had only 10 dollars in hand.


2)Keep your attention on the matter in hand.


3)The matter in hand is urgent and we must deal with in right now.



●  控制中”,相当于 under control 的意思。


1)Don’t worry about it. The situation has been well in hand.


2)Can you have the situation well in hand?


3)The matter seems to be subtle, and is hard to have it in hand.



● 在进行中”。相当于 under way 的意思。


 1)He reported that a sudden breakout of fighting was in hand on the border.


 2)We should finish the work we have in hand before we begin something new.


 3)The judge would not admit the testimony, ruling that it was extrinsic to the 

      matter in hand.


 4)While a play was still seek, other preparations were already in hand.



                                        【英语词组】at hand、on hand、in hand 用法辩析 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog

                                                                                                                                 【英语词组】at hand、on hand、in hand 用法辩析 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog



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